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DBTR is a consulting boutique combining digital innovation & sustainability to create impact for business, society & the environment.

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We are convinced that the integration of digital and sustainable transformation brings benefits – from more effective strategies to better products and happier organizations. Already today, brands that focus on ESG achieve 5x higher revenues than their competitors (Bain & Company, 2023). DBTR discovers, designs & develops digital solutions together with like minded organizations to improve their business while making positive impact on planet and society.

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How we create

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People-centric, impact-first and outcome-based strategic consulting flavored with digital innovation, design & data.

Integrated Digital Sustainability Strategy

Impact Business Building

CX/SX Strategy




Development of digital products and experiences to add value for your business, customers, society & the environment.

Product Vision

MVP Building & Prototyping

AI & Data Use Cases




Strengthening and scaling
organizational change through an
ideal future-proof operating model.

Product Organization

Operating Model

Meet the

team of founders

Tom Mayer

Tom Mayer

Co-Founder | Strategy & Operations

Perfectionism, pragmatism and playfulness - I push the limits to shape the future. Starting small, but building things to be future ready. Hands-on mentality, a quick grasp of complex systems, curiosity and tons of experience help me operate.

A loving father of 4, nature lover and former athlete with the passion of giving back.

Tom Mayer on LinkedIn
Dustin Meißner

Dustin Meißner

Co-Founder | Brand, CX & Customer

Strategic, psychologically sound and a pinch of gut feeling - when it comes to designing holistic experiences, one finds me in the intersection of brand, customer and society. My mission is to craft lasting experiences and create impact & value.

Discovering stories of the world between suburban life and digital nomadism.

Dustin Meißner on LinkedIn
Stefan Berkenhoff

Stefan Berkenhoff

Co-Founder | Product, AI & Data

Enthusiastic, passionated and reflected, stepping one step back for a holistc view, stepping two forward to execute precisly. I build MVPs to let them grow and use data to let machines do better.

A cheese & bike lover who has passion for traveling, driven by the will of having impact on sustainability and society.

Stefan Berkenhoff on LinkedIn

Grateful to have learned in

diverse backgrounds

Values we

are proud of

We love people
We love people
We put people at the centre of everything we do. We strive for good & lasting relationships. Respectful and ethical.
We strive for impact
We strive for impact
We believe that successful digital businesses should create value not only for profit, but also for society and the planet.
We work, but live
We work, but live
We work 3.5 days a week. Maximum flexibility and a balanced work/life balance are key to better focus and health. We need time for family, friends and ourselves.
We encourage differences
We encourage differences
We don't want an average. We love diversity, different perspectives, backgrounds and opinions.
We seek challenges
We seek the challenge of solving complex problems. The answer may be simple, but that doesn't mean we take the easy way out. We push ourselves.
We dream big
We dream big
Making mistakes is part of that and important. We never shy away from risk. Visionary, but not overconfident. With an experienced serenity.
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