Expect lasting revenues from

designing society experience

We strongly believe, that ethical business should focus, next to CX, on Society Experience for assuring long term revenues. Create impact for society & planet. For a better tomorrow.

From user-centered design to

society design

Once, it was ahead of the game to focus on what is called User Experience (UX). User Centered Design was born. Later, this concept was enriched with a holistic view of the customer and all his touchpoints along his entire journey. Customer lifetime value was maximized by a CX that balanced the willingness to invest in the relationship with the expected revenue. Service Design became a relevant brick in the monument of brand design. We are experts in that. But what we lack is (a) a long-term perspective - longer than just the customer lifetime (b) a more holistic view - more than the sum of valuable customers and (c) the interaction of the company with society & environment.

It's time to move beyond user-centered design to society-centered design.

Doing better

with SX

We build the SX concept to do better. By designing the society experience on top of UX & CX, we add a lasting raison d'être that resonates with your brand, your goals, your customers, as well as your employees, your stakeholders, and society.

Why SX 


As SX creates a resonance between you and the big topics of life, environment and society, it creates values that add revenues even tomorrow.

Long-term thinking

When focussing on core values that last, even when your current customers are gone, you build a brand core that will be stable and trustful. It's all about building lasting relationships.

Holistic view

When you bring together CX, employer branding, CSR, and other activities, you discover alignment - and you discover contradictions. Build a foundation that acts as a beacon to orchestrate and add value.

Part of the world

As people seek for identity and belonging, they tend to choose partners who share their values and beliefs. We believe, that the thoughtful design of these interactions adds value to the entire system: Benefitting the customer, the company - and the world. Today and tomorrow.

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