#Giving Back

Making a difference by

giving back

We have been fortunate to grow up in a time of increasing peace, stability, and prosperity. We have done so at the expense of the environment and future generations. Today we are facing an era of lack of equality of opportunity, lack of education, lack of redistribution of profits, lack of care for all kinds of natural resources, and lack of equality between generations, nations and cultures.

The time for

business as usual is over

At a time when social and ecological systems are painfully showing us their limits and the unbridled consumption of past decades is now conjuring up threatening shortages, some companies are already trying to reduce their impact. Some are pioneers and some are just starting to do so. But even reduced usage of finite resources will eventually lead to their total consumption. In order for limited resources in society and the environment to recover or even be strengthened, we must give back. Contemporary entrepreneurship focuses on the scarce resources on which it depends in order to do business.  And this entrepreneurship finds ways to give something back into these sources. In this sense, giving back should not be misunderstood as altruism. After all, entrepreneurial action that strengthens rather than consumes resources creates more value – not just for the entrepreneur, but for society as a whole. Creating value for society is one of the core aspects of our SX framework.

We are ambitious

to give something back

If you are an impact driven team and need support, contact us.
We will find a way of working that is not primarily driven by cash and standard day rates.

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